Brief Backwards, Reduce Stress

Stress is created because we give no thought to an alternative, slightly less stressful, and arguably more professionally respectful approach to daily briefings. Read on…..

Numbers Aren’t ALL Important – a Plea to Number Crunchers.

A wise man (named Roger Merrill) once wrote: “The degree to which urgency drives an organisation’s activities is the degree to which importance does not.” This is a foundational explanation as to why you, front line officers, are permanently busy. But not for the reason you might think. “Urgency R Us”. We’m the police, asContinue reading “Numbers Aren’t ALL Important – a Plea to Number Crunchers.”

How Full Is Your Box?

Let me put something to you. You open your e-mail account at work. There are a number of new emails present. You open each, in order, and read them. So far, so good. Then you consider them fully read and understood, and you think “I really have to do something about ….”, your mind triggeredContinue reading “How Full Is Your Box?”

Popmaster Policing

In 2007 I was an involuntary part of a Major Incident Team. A man had died in hospital as the result of a beating, and although it transpired that the beating itself took place 170 miles away from the hospital in which he died, our tiny force’s SIO decided to keep what turned out toContinue reading “Popmaster Policing”

Shhhh….It Happens

One of life’s little realities. You have a plan involving someone else, and they bail out unexpectedly. Perhaps you have a group appointment, set in agreement with the rest of the group, and then a key player suddenly announces they ‘made a mistake’ and can’t make the original, and the unstated result is the ‘canContinue reading “Shhhh….It Happens”

Media Situation Normal

It’s our fault, again, as always. Last week’s tragic events in Plymouth unfolded as they so often do. A madman goes on a violent spree. Police officers attend at speed, not knowing what they will face both in terms of their own personal safety, and in terms of the traumatic images they will be livingContinue reading “Media Situation Normal”

Why you’re barely managing – but also seldom leading.

I seem to be having a devil of a job convincing people of the importance of what I am trying to teach, so here’s a 5-minute article on exactly why I think it is important, and why you should seek out training, whether from me or another, though book or interactive learning. Here we go.Continue reading “Why you’re barely managing – but also seldom leading.”