You HAVE to Let It Lie.

This might not seem to be about policing, but bear with me because it really is. I am executing a will. It is an easy will, but despite being a qualified legal executive (which was handy in police work, believe it or not) I have found the process to be somewhat wearing. Just as youContinue reading “You HAVE to Let It Lie.”

Focus – NOT Mindfulness – is what you want.

Something about myself about which I have become aware is an overly active ‘what’s next’ approach to living, and it’s driving me batty. In the excellent drama ‘West Wing, President Josiah Bartlett had a saying, which he repeatedly said during crisis meetings. They’d all be chatting away about a problem, then they’d solve it andContinue reading “Focus – NOT Mindfulness – is what you want.”

Better Teams are made from Better People

The police service prides itself on how its staff works in high-performing teams, but my own experience suggests that these teams are often a loose set of professional individuals with conflicting priorities who are occasionally brought together in a different order to deal with whatever comes along. Mostly very competent professionals, but the teams areContinue reading “Better Teams are made from Better People”

Relationships and Police Time Management

It is a fault of many (most) time-management books and courses that an important influence over how well we spend our time is completely ignored. I don’t ignore it as much in Police Time Management . Although that said, more could be written – but then this 300-page ‘practice manual’* could easily turn biblical inContinue reading “Relationships and Police Time Management”

The Failure’s Approach to Career Success

How do you define success, and how do you intend to pursue that? It’s an important pair of questions. What’s more, if you aren’t careful, the answer to the second question might just undermine your answer to the first. How so? When people start in policing there really only two directions for success. They areContinue reading “The Failure’s Approach to Career Success”

You won’t read this to the end. Pity.

If you are, or know, a serving police officer or civilian, please read the foreword in my Amazon ‘LookInside’ page (CLICK HERE) before you read further. Is that your experience, or that of your acquaintance? It was certainly mine. I spent years listening to colleagues bemoaning the ‘time/task’ imbalance – too little of the former,Continue reading “You won’t read this to the end. Pity.”

Structure Promotes Freedom

When I retired I made an odd discovery, which I thought was personal until an equally retired ex-colleague made the same observation. We had both discovered that going from 40 hours a week to No hours a week massively reduced the amount of time we had left to get anything done. Read that again. NotContinue reading “Structure Promotes Freedom”

Work Hobbies – Sub-specialise Away Your Stress.

Throughout my policing career I occasionally found myself wondering why I wasn’t quite enjoying work as much as I’d hoped. You may feel the same way, now and then. Here was my response to that debilitating feeling. During the mid-1990s I had a bit of a wobble. The stresses I suffered resulted, in part IContinue reading “Work Hobbies – Sub-specialise Away Your Stress.”

Why Police Training is Missing a Trick.

Some training isn’t getting taught. And it’s arguably as important, if not more important, than some that is. In this job, we are constantly challenged by events. Some we choose (e.g. university, our profession, our partners), and some we don’t (e.g. incidents, complaints, the Lockdown, accidents, disappointments). In his book ‘TimePower’, author and expert CharlesContinue reading “Why Police Training is Missing a Trick.”