Be Proactive ALL the Time.

I’m guessing you’ve probably been told bya supervisor to be more proactive, or you’ve heard about ‘proactive policing’ which technically isn’t proactive because it’s almost always a response to a problem and is therefore, by definition, reactive. But I am being a little bit semantic. In a nutshell, proactivity is the opposite of reactivity inContinue reading “Be Proactive ALL the Time.”

Start the New Year ORGANISED. (Because other people don’t.)

The Christmas period is officially over, and the world kicks reluctantly back into motion. All those tasks you had to put off because other people weren’t available (either by choice or because ‘it’s Christmas, it can wait’) now proliferate your to do list – just as more work comes in that was itself generated byContinue reading “Start the New Year ORGANISED. (Because other people don’t.)”

THE Cure for the Productive Procrastinator

There is an unstated cause of procrastination. One seldom admitted to by anyone having any sense of self-esteem. It is often noticeable in the newest of recruits and staff but is nevertheless present in the most experienced of colleagues. But is a kind of ‘reverse-procrastination’ in that it does not cause the putting off of tasks. In fact, it does the opposite – it creates massive productivity. The trouble is, it’s the wrong kind of productivity. This is the CURE.

I Promised This Next Action, Didn’t I?

I promised that I’d provide the key to making work less stressful. David Allen has that key, but he gave it to me and here it is.

The Challenge with Organisational Values

For those who haven’t heard of him, retired cop Alfie Moore has a comedy programme on Radio 4 entitled ‘It’s a Fair Cop’, where he addresses policing issues from a cop’s perspective, and with a sense of humour familiar to old hats like me. A week or so ago he covered the concept of theContinue reading “The Challenge with Organisational Values”