I Promised This Next Action, Didn’t I?

I promised that I’d provide the key to making work less stressful. David Allen has that key, but he gave it to me and here it is.

Time Management is Common-sense. So you NEED to learn it.

Jim Collins, author of business books “Good to Great” and “Built to Last” once wrote: True discipline means channelling our best hours into first-order objectives.* Just to be clear, he was not promoting blind obedience to the Empire’s replacement in the latter Star Wars movies. That’s not the First Order he meant. He was promotingContinue reading “Time Management is Common-sense. So you NEED to learn it.”

The Challenge with Organisational Values

For those who haven’t heard of him, retired cop Alfie Moore has a comedy programme on Radio 4 entitled ‘It’s a Fair Cop’, where he addresses policing issues from a cop’s perspective, and with a sense of humour familiar to old hats like me. A week or so ago he covered the concept of theContinue reading “The Challenge with Organisational Values”

Overcoming Distraction

A question oft asked of people is “Do you find it hard to focus on what you need to get done?” A better question, which arguably leads straight to a workable solution, is “How easily do you get distracted?” This morning I was in m’shed, exercising on my rather well-used, former clothes-hanging spin bike. NotContinue reading “Overcoming Distraction”

Be Your Best. Always.

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” George Halas. Okay, you’ve never heard of him in the UK. He was an American football and basketball player and coach, and like many such professionals acknowledged the truth of the saying that people who do their best usually get the results they seek. Although it mayContinue reading “Be Your Best. Always.”

Two Kinds of Bottleneck. Them…..and You.

The generic term for someone or something that is getting in the way of your productivity is Bottleneck.

The stasis created by the other person involved in the transaction is preventing you from moving forward.


Choose your Communication Method More Carefully – and Don’t be a Mobile Phone

You know how it is when you start seeing the same thing popping up again and again? It sticks in the mind unless addressed. Like the word ‘brouhaha’, which I’d never heard and then heard three times in a week. Suddenly, it was part of my own lexicon. This week, he ‘thing’ that has repeatedlyContinue reading “Choose your Communication Method More Carefully – and Don’t be a Mobile Phone”

The Key to Success in EVERYTHING. Including the washing up.

What things are you avoiding because they are annoying, in the knowledge that the person responsible is you – but you really don’t want to do them? And is ‘not doing them’ creating the result you want to achieve?