Question Your Attitude Towards ‘Time Management’.

Attitudes to Time Management vary. When I use this title, I am not referring to how people ‘see’ time management as a method, or technique, or as a great big pile of ‘new stuff to learn’. No, what I intend to address here is more about people’s attitude towards whether or not they actually wantContinue reading “Question Your Attitude Towards ‘Time Management’.”

How To Complete EVERYTHING in Two Minutes

It really is the only answer to procrastination.

Routines Work. So Develop Your Own.

The organisation’s routines work – but you can develop your own to help your own productivity and stress-levels.

Dealing With The Dreaded CPS Memorandum….

Ah, the dreaded CPS memo. Often a long list of truly amorphous blobs of undoability (a term I have stolen, I confess). You’re busy, this document arrives in your in-tray and you immediately enter the depths of despair. You read it, and the following thoughts go through your head: I don’t have time. They don’tContinue reading “Dealing With The Dreaded CPS Memorandum….”