How To Complete EVERYTHING in Two Minutes

It really is the only answer to procrastination.

Use a personal diary for your policing planning? Then read this – it’s important.

Please note that while the following has been drafted following consultation with the Information Commissioners Office, it is to be taken as the opinion of the author alone. I have always promoted using one planning system for everyhing – work and personal, and when I was in the job I did exactly that. (Before youContinue reading “Use a personal diary for your policing planning? Then read this – it’s important.”

You may think you’re a Widget-Cranker. You’re not.

And you aren’t (necessarily) an executive, with a secretary – sorry, personal assistant – to manage your tasks and appointments. You fall somewhere in between, and if you compare yourself to other professional service providers you’ll find that you can easily match your working style to other professionals whose work requires constantly managing appointments, tasks,Continue reading “You may think you’re a Widget-Cranker. You’re not.”

Like it or not, investigators are Project Managers.

Are you investigating anything? If you’re a police officer or a civilian investigator then the answer is, “Of course I am, what else do you think I do all day?”. And what is an investigation? It is a project. A project, as defined by the Project Management Institute, is a ‘temporary endeavour with a startContinue reading “Like it or not, investigators are Project Managers.”

Relationships and Police Time Management

It is a fault of many (most) time-management books and courses that an important influence over how well we spend our time is completely ignored. I don’t ignore it as much in Police Time Management . Although that said, more could be written – but then this 300-page ‘practice manual’* could easily turn biblical inContinue reading “Relationships and Police Time Management”

Are you up to date?

A surprising number of people object to on-the-job training and to attending courses. I know that some of their reluctance is down to a perceived interruption to the work that they are already doing, that mounts up inexorably while they are away and, occasionally, the belief that the training is unnecessary and irrelevant. We hadContinue reading “Are you up to date?”