Why Police Training is Missing a Trick.

Some training isn’t getting taught. And it’s arguably as important, if not more important, than some that is. In this job, we are constantly challenged by events. Some we choose (e.g. university, our profession, our partners), and some we don’t (e.g. incidents, complaints, the Lockdown, accidents, disappointments). In his book ‘TimePower’, author and expert CharlesContinue reading “Why Police Training is Missing a Trick.”

Training that stops you getting sick? Why-ever not?

I used to say that ‘policing would be wonderful if it wasn’t for the public’. It was a joke, and like all jokes was funny because, in a sense, it was true. I don’t know many coppers who, given the choice, wouldn’t like to go to work, not have to do much because the publicContinue reading “Training that stops you getting sick? Why-ever not?”

Is Policing Like Leading an Orchestra?

Piqued your interest? I hope so. It has often been opined that the longest-living among us are orchestra conductors. They are believed to be on for centenarian-ism because of all the occupations, they are perceived to have 100% control over what goes on around them. A Conductor walks to the front of the assembly ofContinue reading “Is Policing Like Leading an Orchestra?”