How To Complete EVERYTHING in Two Minutes

It really is the only answer to procrastination.

Effective Memo Management

You’d be amazed how badly people deal with incoming mail. Not e-mail – that’s an essay in and of itself, but paperwork, including documentation received through electronic case management systems as well as internal memoranda and general mail. The main problem is a reluctance to deal with it, and that reluctance comes from the factContinue reading “Effective Memo Management”

Cheaper than a Jack Reacher novel, and a lot more useful to YOU.

Just because your job title doesn’t include ‘manager’ doesn’t mean that you can’t learn and apply time management. Just change the name to event control…..

DC W.S. Churchill, 2005. How Auto-University Solved a Murder.

I’m not sure if it’s my age, my musical taste or any other issue but it drives me nuts when I am passed by a yoof in a car and all I can discern from the ‘music’ being played inside it is a rhythmic thudding, which is assaulting the occupant’s ears far more aggressively thanContinue reading “DC W.S. Churchill, 2005. How Auto-University Solved a Murder.”