Push Their Stuff Away With Your Stuff -When You Can.

One of the key psychological barriers to stress-free living is the internal conflict that arises between what others require us to do and what we want to do. Most of the time and for most people, we choose our professions and we love to do what our professions require of us. Unfortunately, what we perceivedContinue reading “Push Their Stuff Away With Your Stuff -When You Can.”

Routines Work. So Develop Your Own.

The organisation’s routines work – but you can develop your own to help your own productivity and stress-levels.

PC Winston S. Churchill. (If only……)

I have just finished a 982-page, teeny tiny font biography of Winston Spencer Churchill. It took about a month to read at about a chapter a day. Mammoth effort, amusing and informative experience. For example, did you know that when the Free French Army needed a wartime HQ in 1940 they were allocated Trafalgar HouseContinue reading “PC Winston S. Churchill. (If only……)”

You won’t read this to the end. Pity.

If you are, or know, a serving police officer or civilian, please read the foreword in my Amazon ‘LookInside’ page (CLICK HERE) before you read further. Is that your experience, or that of your acquaintance? It was certainly mine. I spent years listening to colleagues bemoaning the ‘time/task’ imbalance – too little of the former,Continue reading “You won’t read this to the end. Pity.”

Notice how COVID hasn’t reduced your workload?

How has COVID affected your time management? If you are anything like I was, you are frustrated that the imposition of new work – work which doesn’t necessarily ‘float your boat’ – has meant delaying all those other tasks, appointments and commitments that you (dare I say) ‘real’ police work created nearly a year ago.Continue reading “Notice how COVID hasn’t reduced your workload?”

Work Hobbies – Sub-specialise Away Your Stress.

Throughout my policing career I occasionally found myself wondering why I wasn’t quite enjoying work as much as I’d hoped. You may feel the same way, now and then. Here was my response to that debilitating feeling. During the mid-1990s I had a bit of a wobble. The stresses I suffered resulted, in part IContinue reading “Work Hobbies – Sub-specialise Away Your Stress.”

Training that stops you getting sick? Why-ever not?

I used to say that ‘policing would be wonderful if it wasn’t for the public’. It was a joke, and like all jokes was funny because, in a sense, it was true. I don’t know many coppers who, given the choice, wouldn’t like to go to work, not have to do much because the publicContinue reading “Training that stops you getting sick? Why-ever not?”