Policing – it’s just like Baseball.

Measurements can be a pain. But some of them actually matter. Ask Billy Beane.

On the 26th of March 1993, I learned a valuable lesson about punctuality. Viv Martella, a DC at Sun Hill, missed a briefing. Later that day, she approached a van to ask it to move out of the way, and got shot by the wobbers sat inside – the target of the op that wasContinue reading

Three Small Words That Make Life Easier.

“My name is David, I am an addict.” As a student of Stephen Covey’s wide-ranging and deep thinking on personal, interpersonal and organisational leadership I have a nasty habit, perhaps that of an investigator, of seeking to research behind the books, insofar as I have obtained copies of all his pre-7 Habits writing and historicalContinue reading “Three Small Words That Make Life Easier.”