Are you a Morning Person?

I’ve often opined that all those Californian, rich(ish) personal development speakers and writers and their ‘Rise at 5AM and exercise’ freaks should come and live where I do in South Wales, where it’s easier to pick up the dog eggs in the garden at 6AM because they’re rock hard with ice. Where the idea ofContinue reading “Are you a Morning Person?”

On the 26th of March 1993, I learned a valuable lesson about punctuality. Viv Martella, a DC at Sun Hill, missed a briefing. Later that day, she approached a van to ask it to move out of the way, and got shot by the wobbers sat inside – the target of the op that wasContinue reading

You may think you’re a Widget-Cranker. You’re not.

And you aren’t (necessarily) an executive, with a secretary – sorry, personal assistant – to manage your tasks and appointments. You fall somewhere in between, and if you compare yourself to other professional service providers you’ll find that you can easily match your working style to other professionals whose work requires constantly managing appointments, tasks,Continue reading “You may think you’re a Widget-Cranker. You’re not.”

Like it or not, investigators are Project Managers.

Are you investigating anything? If you’re a police officer or a civilian investigator then the answer is, “Of course I am, what else do you think I do all day?”. And what is an investigation? It is a project. A project, as defined by the Project Management Institute, is a ‘temporary endeavour with a startContinue reading “Like it or not, investigators are Project Managers.”

Responding Faster – has slowed us all down.

The world has changed, but it has also remained the same. Recalling the motto, “Everything we do, we do with, for, or because of someone else,” we have always relied on other people to help us get done what we feel has to (could be or might) be done. Always. But in the pre-internet days,Continue reading “Responding Faster – has slowed us all down.”

Three Small Words That Make Life Easier.

“My name is David, I am an addict.” As a student of Stephen Covey’s wide-ranging and deep thinking on personal, interpersonal and organisational leadership I have a nasty habit, perhaps that of an investigator, of seeking to research behind the books, insofar as I have obtained copies of all his pre-7 Habits writing and historicalContinue reading “Three Small Words That Make Life Easier.”

This post proved my point, by accident.

Oh dear. I’ve started trying an electronic To Do List. Why ‘oh dear’? It’s a good little system – it’s Microsoft To Do adapted for Android but synching with my laptop, like OneNote but without the complications (unless I want them, in which case my assessment is that all the Microsoft doodads seem to doContinue reading “This post proved my point, by accident.”