The Importance of Balance.

How many hours a week do you spend at work? (I don’t mean actually working because for a lot of us the two numbers are hugely different. 😊 ) During my 30 years’ service I was very conscious of two things. One: Many of my CID colleagues absolutely loved working 70-plus-hour weeks. ‘Look at allContinue reading “The Importance of Balance.”

PC Winston S. Churchill. (If only……)

I have just finished a 982-page, teeny tiny font biography of Winston Spencer Churchill. It took about a month to read at about a chapter a day. Mammoth effort, amusing and informative experience. For example, did you know that when the Free French Army needed a wartime HQ in 1940 they were allocated Trafalgar HouseContinue reading “PC Winston S. Churchill. (If only……)”

You won’t read this to the end. Pity.

If you are, or know, a serving police officer or civilian, please read the foreword in my Amazon ‘LookInside’ page (CLICK HERE) before you read further. Is that your experience, or that of your acquaintance? It was certainly mine. I spent years listening to colleagues bemoaning the ‘time/task’ imbalance – too little of the former,Continue reading “You won’t read this to the end. Pity.”

Structure Promotes Freedom

When I retired I made an odd discovery, which I thought was personal until an equally retired ex-colleague made the same observation. We had both discovered that going from 40 hours a week to No hours a week massively reduced the amount of time we had left to get anything done. Read that again. NotContinue reading “Structure Promotes Freedom”

Notice how COVID hasn’t reduced your workload?

How has COVID affected your time management? If you are anything like I was, you are frustrated that the imposition of new work – work which doesn’t necessarily ‘float your boat’ – has meant delaying all those other tasks, appointments and commitments that you (dare I say) ‘real’ police work created nearly a year ago.Continue reading “Notice how COVID hasn’t reduced your workload?”

The Timeless Wisdom – of a Teenager

Yesterday, ten days after publishing my book, I was researching via YouTube and came across a video by a very young African-American lady named Tonya. She was asked a question and her reply was wise, well-considered – and one I hadn’t thought of myself. I wish I’d heard it before I published! The first chapterContinue reading “The Timeless Wisdom – of a Teenager”

Are you up to date?

A surprising number of people object to on-the-job training and to attending courses. I know that some of their reluctance is down to a perceived interruption to the work that they are already doing, that mounts up inexorably while they are away and, occasionally, the belief that the training is unnecessary and irrelevant. We hadContinue reading “Are you up to date?”

Why Police Training is Missing a Trick.

Some training isn’t getting taught. And it’s arguably as important, if not more important, than some that is. In this job, we are constantly challenged by events. Some we choose (e.g. university, our profession, our partners), and some we don’t (e.g. incidents, complaints, the Lockdown, accidents, disappointments). In his book ‘TimePower’, author and expert CharlesContinue reading “Why Police Training is Missing a Trick.”

Training that stops you getting sick? Why-ever not?

I used to say that ‘policing would be wonderful if it wasn’t for the public’. It was a joke, and like all jokes was funny because, in a sense, it was true. I don’t know many coppers who, given the choice, wouldn’t like to go to work, not have to do much because the publicContinue reading “Training that stops you getting sick? Why-ever not?”

Back with a Bang – or with a Bump?

I have just returned from a mid-week break and am feeling great. I spent a little while reviewing my personal values and made a few discoveries. But those are for another time. The main thrust of this blog is to address how we get back into work. After a period of leave, how do youContinue reading “Back with a Bang – or with a Bump?”