Dealing With The Dreaded CPS Memorandum….

Ah, the dreaded CPS memo. Often a long list of truly amorphous blobs of undoability (a term I have stolen, I confess). You’re busy, this document arrives in your in-tray and you immediately enter the depths of despair. You read it, and the following thoughts go through your head: I don’t have time. They don’tContinue reading “Dealing With The Dreaded CPS Memorandum….”

The Timeless Wisdom – of a Teenager

Yesterday, ten days after publishing my book, I was researching via YouTube and came across a video by a very young African-American lady named Tonya. She was asked a question and her reply was wise, well-considered – and one I hadn’t thought of myself. I wish I’d heard it before I published! The first chapterContinue reading “The Timeless Wisdom – of a Teenager”

Police Time Management – Paper or Digital Planning?

Hyrum Smith, time management authority and seller of thousands of Palm Pilots, was asked in 2009 about technology and planning. This is what was said. Q; Technology today offers many electronic options for managing time, but I still love my paper planner. Are we seeing a return to paper and pencil, or is the trendContinue reading “Police Time Management – Paper or Digital Planning?”