Popmaster Policing

In 2007 I was an involuntary part of a Major Incident Team. A man had died in hospital as the result of a beating, and although it transpired that the beating itself took place 170 miles away from the hospital in which he died, our tiny force’s SIO decided to keep what turned out toContinue reading “Popmaster Policing”

Why you’re barely managing – but also seldom leading.

I seem to be having a devil of a job convincing people of the importance of what I am trying to teach, so here’s a 5-minute article on exactly why I think it is important, and why you should seek out training, whether from me or another, though book or interactive learning. Here we go.Continue reading “Why you’re barely managing – but also seldom leading.”

Don’t Get Comfortable….

One of the things I find most interesting about reading personal development books is the discovery of common themes with different terminologies. I sometimes wonder who invented the concept being explained, and who pinched it. I’d read something in a book and think how clever the author was, and then attend a seminar where aContinue reading “Don’t Get Comfortable….”

This post proved my point, by accident.

Oh dear. I’ve started trying an electronic To Do List. Why ‘oh dear’? It’s a good little system – it’s Microsoft To Do adapted for Android but synching with my laptop, like OneNote but without the complications (unless I want them, in which case my assessment is that all the Microsoft doodads seem to doContinue reading “This post proved my point, by accident.”