I Told You So. But You Do Have Time. Happy New Year.

Well, did it happen? Did you put things off ‘until the New Year’ that are going to bite you this coming week? Or, if you didn’t put things off, are other people now chasing you up to take action on things that they could have asked you to do weeks ago but procrastinated because “YouContinue reading “I Told You So. But You Do Have Time. Happy New Year.”

Utilising ‘Nothing To Do’ Time

Yes, I know. “What’s he on about, when do we have nothing to do?” More than you think. For example, front office duties at night (assuming yours hasn’t been shut) or on early weekend mornings; scene guard ‘after hours’; that moment when you’ve arrived early for an appointment; waiting around in Court to give evidenceContinue reading “Utilising ‘Nothing To Do’ Time”

Policing – it’s just like Baseball.

Measurements can be a pain. But some of them actually matter. Ask Billy Beane.

Put Purpose before Process. For a Change.

Last week I proposed you use routines. This week, I say when you shouldn’t.
I’m funny like that.

Routines Work. So Develop Your Own.

The organisation’s routines work – but you can develop your own to help your own productivity and stress-levels.

Think before you App.

This one is more about personal time management than work, because the arguments I am about to make have already been ignored by your organisation, anyway. 😊 Seeking inspiration for this week’s article, I googled ‘time management’ and was immediately presented with an article on time management apps. And my heart sank. There was goodContinue reading “Think before you App.”