It’s 2020. Time for change.

I wrote and published the original text for Police Time Management in 2010/2011, and a lot has changed since then. Looking at the content I decided that a complete review was necessary, and as such I am now fully engaged in that work. Chapters rewritten and re-ordered for maximum practical effect for the readership: extensive levels of new thinking on the theories behind the practices: lots of research to add content and redrafting the forms that will be in the book, and then available on-line.

I have set an end-of-year deadline but I am so passionate about my former colleagues’ personal effectiveness and yes, their happiness, that I intend to spend a LOT of my time on this project. I’d love you to get a copy for Christmas!

In order to do that I also have to learn as I write. Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, used to speak of Third-Person Teaching. This occurred where each of his students would be required not only to learn what he taught – but to teach it to others. He expressed the opinion that having to teach what you learned sharpened the senses, reinforced the learning and made you an advocate for ‘your’ version of what you learned.

As such I am also deeply immersed in learning about the relatively new digital approach to self-management. What I learn I will pass on.

I believe policing to be the most stressful and yet rewarding of careers. It constantly (!) changes but the principles and methods I intend to impart will enable policing professionals – officers AND staff – to better cope with whatever is thrown at them.

Watch and wait- I intend that what develops will help you all.

Published by policetimemanagement

30 year policing veteran and time management authority. Now I've combined the two.

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