Police Request!

I am again asking for help from my 400+ LinkedIn connections. Some of you are coppers, some of you were, and  many of you will know someone in the Job. Please share – you don’t have to endorse it, just make your policing and investigation links aware of it so that they can assess it for themselves.

I wrote ‘Police Time Management’ for one simple reason – in 30 years of front-line policing I never received one formal hour of training in how to manage my time. Think on that. The busiest non-combat job in the world, paralleled by the NHS whose practitioners, I suspect, receive the same amount of TM training as I did. None. My former colleagues need this. Someone had to provide it. Here it is. In time for the New Years Resolutions they are going to set! And in time for the next policy change that will increase their workload just a little bit more.

So I’m seeking help from those policing colleagues that understand exactly where I’m coming from – you know you’re busy, you know your colleagues are busy, you wish you weren’t quite so busy, so help yourself and others find out how you can manage your work in the context of the time available, and of the people for whom, with whom and because of whom it is being done.

The focus is on a principle-based, systematic mental approach as much as it is on method. Think of it this way: Methods work in specific circumstances. Principles work in ALL circumstances. A systematic approach can adapt when circumstances change. I have taken the proven ‘science’ and applied it to the art and practices of policing so that the system can be adapted by individual police officers and staff to their specific working needs – but also so that they can apply it off duty.

It is an A4-sized, 300 page book – no lightweight – for just £12.99. Hopefully by now the ‘Look Inside’ facility can provide you with a clear indication of the content and style. Have a squint. Investigate!

Help me help you and those you care about.

Thank you.

Police Time Management: Productivity for Law Enforcement Professionals: Amazon.co.uk: Palmer (Retd), DC David: 9798572788204: Books

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30 year policing veteran and time management authority. Now I've combined the two.

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